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    Hi from Las Vegas NM.

    I go by BM59_Fan and I use the handle on other sites, I also go by Chi’Tak on some sites.

    I am a retired Aerospace Weapons and Avionics Engineer, and I hold an A&P license. I am a master machinist, a gunsmith, a blacksmith, a gardener, a cabinetmaker, a multi style martial artist, a swordsman, an archer, a bowyer, a fetcher, a rifleman and a pistolero. I am a hunter, a fishermnan and an outdoorsman, I have been involved in Mountain Man skill sets for almost as long as I have been involved with the Martial Arts – since before Highschool (Class of 1971). I am a veteran of the United States Navy and a Desert Storm Combat Vet with the USAF (F-117).

    I am married to the same wonderful woman I always have been and we have three grown children. The youngest is a Combat Medic with the 1st ID deployed at COB Spechier, this is his second tour. His first was with the 3BCT 4th ID in 2003.

    I, my wife Evelyn and our 5 dogs make now make our home in Las Vegas NM, we are escapees from California. We live in what most would consider a perfect bugout location.

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