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    I didn’t live that far east, but certainly know the area fairly well. Still make it up there occassionally, a little too populated for my liking, but lots of good stores and fun things to do for sure!


    Tim, I grew up in Waukegan behind Victory Hospital. (just a few blocks north of Grand and the Lake). We’re in Winthrop Harbor now. Not too far away.

    Definitely very populated, Sunburst. We try not to go out between 3pm and 6pm if we can avoid it. Traffic is terrible!


    That’s funny… I grew up in Winthrop Harbor (9th & Franklin area). We moved to Waukegan when I was about 10. Now I live a couple blocks south of Victory on Sheridan. Were you on the North Ave side behind Victory?


    Yes, on Stanley Ave. Great place to grow up, if you have to grow up in a city. Our first house in the Harbor was near 7th and Landon. Pretty funny! Glad to know there’s another local prepper!


    :wave: Howdy from another Illinoisan here. A south suburb bordering Chicago is a scary place to be if/when the shtf. My youngest and I are gonna try a garden this year, hopefully something more complex than her dozen or so plants last year. I have zero knowledge (my daughter-cashier@local supermarket works the floral section in the summers) at it and appreciate any/all advice, sites, etc. We’ll have to figure a way to keep the squirrels and rabbits out of them this year? I’m handy with my hands and my hobby is firearms/gunsmithing/machining. Most everybody in the family (some active, some retired LE) is knowledgeable about firearms/firearm safety and we have some pretty decent shooters. My oldest (son) is combat trained and a US miltary veteran. Been poking around the site a bit hoping to learn from the experienced folks here.


    Hi Progun!! Glad to have you here! It’s so fun for me to find others northern Illinoisans! Yes, give that garden another go! Trial and error is the best way to learn. Read as much as you can (I love John Seymour books. Can find at library.). Try different veggies and different varieties of veggies to see what works best. I’ve tried some plants here that bombed, but folks in other places love. If it doesn’t work, try something different. It’s so fun, isn’t it? If you get alot of a particular veggie, try freezing or dehydrating some of it(or canning if you have the equipment). You’ll be so happy you did, when you can eat fresh, homegrown food in the middle of winter!

    All of our snow has finally melted up here and I can see the garden. How about you?

    Glad to hear you guys are exercising your 2nd Amendment rights!! Sound like your family is an army in and of itself! That is SOOO cool! We should all be prepared and ready to defend our lives and our freedom!

    Glad you’re here!


    Thanks for the welcome. Our snow has also melted here. The ground in the backyard is finally starting to absorb the water, the only one not happy to see the mud go is the dog. Army, heck no, probably more like the beverly hillbilies :gunsmile:


    😀 Haha! Well, the Beverly HIllbillies did a pretty good job of protecting themselves and keeping folks out of their business, so that’s a good thing, too!!!


    Just joined today and I am in north central Illiunois. Just started prepping last year in earnest. I posted a bio in the new guy section so I won’t repeat that here. I am retrired three times, LEO, Army and finally as a fed employee. Hope IU can contribute and have already learned some things from posts in the other threads.


    Hey Bud! Welcome! I just get so happy when I see more IL folks on here! It makes me feel good that there are other people in our area who are getting prepared!
    I’m from NE IL-right at the tip! I’ve been prepping for years and years (homesteader’s lifestyle) but have increased even more in the past few years. The economy and government have been the motivators!

    3 retirements! Congratulations to you! You sound like a hard-working man. I look forward to hearing more from you! :thumbsup:


    Hello from the state capitol. i am a suburban survivalist who is hoping to move to that 20 acre plot in a rural area someday..much like all of us. I live just on the outskirts of town, surrounded by woods on 3 sides..i consider myself fortunate to have the best of both worlds. Lets see, i store food, have some solar and a windmill, I garden and reload.



    excellent. You’re way ahead of some folks. Welcome from “down south”.

    Howey 01

    Hello and welcome from KY. Howard


    Welcome Pylortes! Wow, you definitely are ahead of the game with solar and a windmill! Great for you!!!

    So, Illinoisans, are you planting already?????? It’s time to start some of those cold weather items. I’ve put in peas, snap peas, spinach, and carrots. (I’m way up in Northern IL.) Lots of seedlings indoors waiting to go outside. Anyone else got seeds in?


    Wow, this thread is picking up members and I feel so bad that I have neglected to check it lately. Having some family issues at home and trying to get my dad and mom out of the city of Chicago. He has leukemia, congestive heart failure and alzheimers…and has taken to going for walks when mom is in the tub… She’s out running the neighborhood looking for him and its just a horrible neighborhood now, and he has no idea where he is or where he is going. It’s so sad and sometimes so funny… but most of all so frustrating for us.

    Anyway…sorry for the long explanation of my absence, lol….. And Welcome Chappy, Sunburst, Timoritz Progun1, Bud, Pylortes and Howey01. It’s great to see that there are others in Illinois who are aware of the times we are living.

    I posted in the seed thread and am very excited and can’t wait to start my new square foot garden this year. First time for me, but it looks like a lot of fun and a great way to get the most for your bang in a garden. I am hoping to do a lot of canning this fall, when my “crops” are done!

    In case any city folks or others with not large lots are interested, this is a link to Mel Bartholemew’s square foot gardening.

    http://www.squarefootgardening.com/whatissfg” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false;

    Here’s another link for a forum I have been looking at too.
    http://squarefoot.creatingforum.com/forum.htm” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false;

    My husband built our boxes in a day…. spent the next day painting them, and by the third day, they were in place and filled… now just waiting to put my seedlings into them. 🙂

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