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    Bedfordfalls, don’t feel bad about forgetting this thread is here. (I do most of the time, too! Yikes!) So sorry to hear about your parents’ situation. Quite a few friends around me are having problems like this with their parents. It’s so sad to see them fading away. I hope your folks can get out of the city soon.

    Isn’t it great to see how many Illinoisans are on here now? I love knowing there are other folks like us out there preparing for whatever comes our way!

    I know you’ve got to be so excited for your square foot gardening this year! I hope it does wonderfully for you! Start buying those canning supplies! Isn’t a shelf full of home-canned goodies just the best thing to see? I just love it! Take care! :wave:



    hey all !!! im in the western burbs around the LaGrane area. it sucks here too being this close to chicago


    Hehe! I just asked you–over on the Roll Call thread-where you’re from and now I see!We’re in the northern suburbs–Winthrop Harbor. Thankfully I don’t feel that close to Chicago. We’re probably 45 minutes away, which is close enough!!



    Hello All,

    Anyone from west central IL?

    I live between Peoria and Macomb. I haven’t been prepping very long. I am in the middle of reading “One Second After” (scaring the crap out of myself). Just put away my first, hopefully of many, 5 gal jug of water. Having some conversations with my father in law about prepping, he seems on board, has a well, horses, underground shelter (needs to work on some food and security though). Looking forward to interacting with all of you.



    elittle, welcome again!! Yay!!!! for water! Gotta have alot of that. Any container I can use, I fill!! One Second After was a great book! And, yes, it scares the crap out of ‘ya! Very eye opening, though. Glad that you have family on board. It helps to have some people ‘with you’!



    hey elittle, I just finished Atlas Shrugged, i’d never read it. Read that one too if you can get it, Rand is a little wordy in some spots but you get over it, LOL.



    Finished the book. Hopefully I won’t have nightmares about my kids starving to death. It is a lot more unsettling when you look into their little faces and think of them suffering a horrible death like starvation or from disease. I had to study the holocaust in my Honors English class in College, Auschwitz, all I dreamt for a month were the pictures of their bodies….Hopefully I can get my wife on board or to at least see the movie when it comes out before its too late.


    MM, I haven’t read Atlas Shrugged yet. I haven’t even read 1987 (or whatever year that book is called!). Terrible, I know. I need to get on the ball with those books. Maybe this winter…….

    elittle, are they making a movie of One Second After? or are you just assuming they will? It would be interesting to watch. Sorry your wife isn’t on board.



    what was the one they made about the nuclear bomb drop? LOL Gen, 1984! hehehehe Read Lucifers Hammer too when you get a chance, much easier of a read than Atlas Shrugged and I liked it so much better…


    Alright, I’ll put that one on my list!



    Quick note-from northern IL-Winnebago county. Active prepper for many years w/o a garden spot. Working hard on a 96hr-3week kit for family. Any ideas appreciated.



    read all of the above. recommend “Lights Out” by david crawford, cult classic “patriots” by James Rawles and I also liked ” Alas, Babylon” by Pat frank.



    New to APN and see you’re in my area!

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