Help.. Nuclear power plants and EMP's

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    I have heard all kinds of rumors going around about what would happen if there was an EMP strike and the effects it would have on nuclear power stations. I have so many different questions I could ask, but lets start with the worse rumors and see if anyone can talk me down as I am picking out a retreat cabin that is closer to a nuclear power station then I would have previously considered.

    Rumor… We get EMP striked and every Nuclear power station cannot sustain it’s back up generators to cool radioactive materials down for more than 2 weeks, with the entire grid down every nuclear power plants goes into a Fukishima style nuclear meltdown, that is a nightmare scenario…

    I have heard things, like the military is probably prepared for this and we wouldn’t need to worry and most likely would have plans in place. I have also heard of more limited EMP strikes that would only target specific areas, although I am not sure which ones or how large such a strike would be.

    Does anyone have any feedback on this? I used to use the NRDC map of nuclear power plants that has since been removed. The cabin I am looking at now is 30 miles as the crow flies from a nuclear power plant. Previously I wanted to be at least 50 miles away. What do you guys think?


    Sorry it took so long to get back on here. Been busy with physical world for a while.

    One of the things we learned last year about EMP’s is that not everything will be killed, so it is possible the plant could continue to operate safely for a while.

    On the other hand (OTOH) things might not go well, and a few weeks (I have heard everything from 2 weeks to 8 weeks) after the EMP, yes, you could see your neighboring plants “go Fukishima.”

    It is best, probably, to not live any closer than 30 miles of such a plant at all, and if you are within 60 miles, have a bug out plan in place, just in case the wind is blowing your way when it goes. (Contaminated area might only be 5 miles wide, but could be 50 or 60 miles long.)

    If the contamination plume reaches you, you may need to stay away for a few weeks. (But realize that, at thirty miles the perimeter is over 180 miles, so the odds are in your favor.)

    As for “The Army,” once there is any kind of major EMP disaster, the Army will take care of the Army. They may not even be able to do that. Don’t count on any help from any government further away than your county. (If you get help, great, but don’t count on it.)

    Any more questions, just ask.

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