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    I need to check with the brain trust here. I am still unpacking boxes (3 months after we moved in, and I’m quite certain I have at least 6 more months of unpacking). I have finally found the box of stuff in the closet in the old study, and I need to know if it’s junk, or if it is potentially useful. I’ll list some of it, but the best way to describe it is to ask you to reflect on the last 20 years of technological advances and imagine what you might have just stuffed in a closet because you might need it some day.

    Co-ax cable
    those phone-modem line cables from before wifi
    external CD players/writers from about 6-7-8 years ago (Lord. is it 2010 already?)
    zip drives & disks
    laptop AC power cords for laptops that no longer function

    I did pitch the cute little “A” drive disks.

    I hate to throw away stuff whose component parts might be useful. On the other hand, I would have no idea of how to use these parts.

    Thoughts are much appreciated! Thanks.

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