Help — wife troubles!

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    So, I asked my wife if she’s be interested in watching the After Armageddon History channel special I downloaded. She said, “no, I have too much housework” and made other excuses for a couple days. I finally asked her what her issue is and if she just didn’t want to watch it at all. She told me she didn’t want to think about a disaster happening because it would just upset her and that I should watch it by myself. I told her, if she watched it she might be more motivated to help me prepare for the worst. Then she started to get a little teary, so I dropped the subject. The last thing she said was that she’ll let me think about it for the both of us and get us prepared.


    I think my wife probably has the same mentality as 99% of people in this world. They don’t even want to think about what could happen and how real a possibility it is. Not sure what to do, I don’t want to push anything on her or upset her. Fortunately she’s not against my prepping and goes along with it well enough but if it weren’t for me she wouldn’t do anything for herself.

    Thoughts? (Preferably without calling my wife a “sheeple” :p )

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