Help with long term food storage.

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    With all the wars and rumor of wars, my family has decided to start prepping. I have to dehydrators, a Nesco 600 Watt and a Bass pro 500 Watt. Also, I have a food saver. I need some information or advice on the following.

    1. I made jerky from ground chuck. I dehydrated it for 10 hours and then vacuum sealed it. Then placed the vacuum sealed back into a mylar back with Oxygen absorber, which I sealed. Is this enough to keep long term. What’ the best way to fix some sort of jerky that can be stored long term without refrigeration.

    2. Keeping the above in mind. I would like to do the same with fruits. I dehydrated apples, trying to make apple chips for long term storage, that had the texture and taste of wood bark.

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. I rather not live off dry beans for the rest of my life, should the world go south.
    Thank you

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