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    Hello my NC people….This is my post from introduction board: My dad gave me the book One Second After as a gift. Took less than 3 days to finish. I could not put it down. My dad is a serious prepper. Aquaphonics, off the grid energy, smart man….I thought he was just a crazy old coot until this book. I finally get it. Beginning to learn about food and security. Have found several boards with a ton of opinions not much experience. I am wading thru all that and looking for EXPERIENCE. Looking forward to finding out what you guys have to offer then possibly passing on what I learn and experience. 😮

    I am looking for people of group in my area along with experience from stores/supplies near us. I am an RN with a diverse set of medical skills. Mostly trauma, Emergency and now Hospice care.
    Interested in learning foraging, herbal medicine etc….just learned this morning that the lambs ear in my back yard had antibiotic and anesthetic properties AND can be used as bandages….soaking up a lot while working on my food and water storage, faraday cages and security….esp assault rifle r/t possibility of Clinton being our leader…..ok no politics….sorry I went there. Looking forward to meeting some of you on this road….Totally teachable.


    Hello from relocating veteran seeking new area to live in. I am seeking like minded people to join up with who like to learn about new ways to live and live free. growing your own veggies and building alternative houses out in the country or in the mountains. It is nice to see that many eyes have been open to what is really going on around the world. I have been doing some growing over the last 2 to 3 years but want to live in a small city not a big city. I think that is best. reach out and we can chat.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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