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    Hello folks! I am a transfer to OK. Born and raised in Arkansas. But with the oil and gas industry like it is, I was forced to relocate. I can’t really complain much though, this small town is about like where I moved from, so it’s about as close to home as I can get with out being back in Arkansas.

    I really hope to learn from everyone here. I wouldn’t consider myself a prepper, yet at least. I believe I have a prepper’s megalith, but can’t seem to get on the right track. Financials, time, financials… And to be totally honest, I am not sure my wife would be on board for a full scale prep scenario. Hence my screen name.

    I am going to take what info I can gather and slowly work it into my families’ daily routine, without them realizing it. At least that is the goal anyways. 😀

    I have been searching for classes/courses that would help, but I am pretty frugal, and some of the places are asking ridiculous amounts of money for their classes. And on top of that, my career choice has left me with a 24/7 on-call schedule, so 3 and 5 day wilderness excursions are definitely out of the question. I am working on getting through the online CERT class, but it seems there are no hands on classes around. Garfield county simply told me “No funds. Not enough time for qualified instructors to do it.” And kingfisher county hasn’t even returned my call about it. The only class I can find close is in Tonkawa, but it’s tribal only…

    It would be awesome if there were enough qualified people in the area to form a group that could go to local town with interested people and give crash courses in different areas…

    Any suggestions on where to start for piecing together some legit skills and qualifications.

    Anyways, thanks for your time, and once again, I look forward to learning from you folks.

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