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    This is an interesting article. The USPS keeps jacking up the price of stamps. 90% of the mail that I get is junk. It’s bad down here. My mailman put other peoples mail in my box and God only knows how much of mail he has put in other peoples boxes. He is incompetent but it does no good to complain. The postal workers are on the federal merit system. It is almost impossible to fire someone. Most of my bills are automatic withdrawals from my bank account. My Visa and my truck and house insurance are the only bills that are not automatically withdrawn. I am looking into doing that with them. I live on an avenue and at one point someone at the post office was marking out the avenue and writting rd. Rd is about 7 miles from here. I got the printout of the survey, a city map and took a picture of the street sign. I took all this crap to the post office and waiting line. Finally a women asked me if she could help me. I told her no but her supervisor could. Man, I was pissed. I brought out all the evidence and showed him. That crap stopped that day.
    Anything that I order, I make a not not to send it USPS. I tell to send it UPS. Here is the article.

    (March 2) — A comedian friend of mine in L.A. liked to laugh about her father’s commitment, well into the late ’90s, to his typewriter sales and repair shop. She begged him to start selling computers, but he’d laugh and say, “Just wait. You’ll see.” I should write her a letter and see what he’s doing now.

    Wait. Who am I kidding? Of course I won’t write her a letter! I haven’t written an actual letter since Bush was in office. (The first Bush.) I’ll e-mail her. Or send her a text message. Or an IM. Or drop her a note on Facebook.

    Which is why the United States Postal Service is in such dire straits these days, losing $3.8 billion last year with a 13 percent drop in mail volume. And it doesn’t help matters much that the best ideas the Postal Service management can come up with are to simultaneously raise prices and cut the quality of its already mediocre service.

    I don’t have an MBA, but is raising the cost of something that people aren’t using the best way to increase revenues? Who here thinks Toyota’s next move should be to double the price of a Prius?

    But as for eliminating Saturday delivery, well, that’s just okey-dokey by me. Heck, cut it back to one day for all I care. Deliver all my important mail — the two bills I don’t pay online, credit card offers, catalogs, pizza fliers, magazines I never subscribed to and wedding invitations addressed to people who moved in 1998 — on one day every week. Make it a Tuesday, though, as my trash gets picked up on Wednesday.

    But … what do we do with the U.S. Postal Service?

    As someone who has suffered the occasional bout of unemployment, I take no pleasure in seeing an organization struggle. The people of the USPS, save for nearly every post office clerk I’ve ever encountered, are good, kind and hard-working. They deserve at least a shot at keeping their jobs. So we must find alternate sources of revenue for the USPS.

    Luckily, I’ve come up with several for Postmaster General John Potter:
    Get your liquor license and serve beer and snacks in each post office. Revenue up, complaints about the wait way down.
    Contract with vacationing homeowners to have mail carriers water plants, walk dogs and take in the paper. I mean, they’re already there anyway.
    Have local law enforcement deputize postal employees to serve as additional “boots on the ground” in high-crime areas.
    Serve as backup delivery force for our nation’s pizza franchises during high-demand periods like the Super Bowl and blizzards.
    Charge drug traffickers exorbitantly high postage rates.
    Add tip jars at the counters.
    Acquire Good Humor and have your drivers sell ice cream along their routes in the summer.
    Go NASCAR and plaster mail trucks with advertisements.
    These are just a few ideas to keep the USPS on its feet. On the off chance that Mr. Potter doesn’t find his way to this column, I plan to e-mail this link to him directly. It’s vitally important that he understand where his organization fits in this rapidly changing world.

    Eh, on second thought, I’ll probably just tweet it to him.″ onclick=”;return false

    I guess I should have put this in the rant section.

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