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    I made a very similar post last august in another forum for information purposes. I make it again here in hopes of getting real feedback.

    During fuel shortages or disasters low/poor quality fuels need a boost. I’ve had a hydrogen booster cell on my truck the last 5 years. I’ve averaged an 18% increase in fuel mileage during that time. (See pics below) This cell can be built from parts purchased at Lowe’s.

    This is the old smacksbooster (many thanks to eletrik). A pdf of this open source design is at

    The design has thermal issues and other limitations. However, post shtf it can be of real help to many. It’s very simple to build and can boost many types of fuel, gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas and wood gas to name a few.

    Principle, produce hydrogen and oxygen gas from water, it’s been done since the 1790’s. Use electricity to burst water molecules, instead of H2O a liquid, it becomes HHO a gas. For a complete understanding of this technology and it’s history go to http://www.panaceauniversity.org/Hydroxy%20Boosters.pdf Cells have come a long way in just the last 5 years. This website will give a clear picture of new developments as well. You’ll find lists of suppliers for components or whole systems.

    For parts and info these guys are also a great resource. (especially if you want to play around with monatomic and diatomic hydrogen). http://www.hydrogengarage.com/

    Many folks have off the shelf generators. To run poor quality fuels the timing needs to be adjusted which usually isn’t possible. However, there are timing kits available for small engines (like Briggs) from go-cart racing parts suppliers. This allows for the adjustment of spark timing.

    I built several of these smack cells about 5 years ago, more than one is still running. I have material to build more and am sure I could adapt it to several engine types. I simply haven’t had time to experiment with the post shtf scenario. Have any of you? Has anyone else scaled this design down? Or built crude dry cells?

    (my apologies to car guys out there, yes, this is a chevy engine. The day I picked up the short block and parts the only engine paint the store had was ford blue)

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