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    Hi everyone I am just starting out prepping and was wondering if anyone in the Baton Rouge area knows of a local group. I am a former marine and veteran of both iraq and Afghanistan. My job while in was intelligence. Basically I was the guy that studied people and predicted their actions through various means. I also was responsible for provide the commander daily summaries on the situation from weather to troop movements. Other than that I have grown up hunting my entire life and have a great grasp of the survival skills to make it within the woods around baton rouge. I am mainly wanting to have an avenue to apply my skills in a constructive manor and would like to share my knowledge with others and gain additional prepping knowledge at the same time. Please contact me with any insight into a group in the area of if you would like to learn some of the skills I have. Like I said I am still new to prepping and just getting into it but I feel some of the things I have learned can be applied in a prepping situation.

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