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    Hello all,

    An Ohio guy here with a wife(married 30 years) and 4 kids. All home schooled and all born at home. All adult age now, no grand kids yet.

    Grew up on a small farm but am in town now. Also learned to hunt, fish as a youngster but don’t do much now.

    Been interested in prepping stuff since I was a teen. Put away a few things 20+ years ago but stopped and am getting started again. We run a pretty large supply of regular grocery items as our common way of doing things. The wife likes to “go shopping” in the basement but we want to get more long term stuff in stock.

    Wife has been grinding wheat and making bread, biscuits since the 80’s and she is very good at it, everyone loves it. I’m just an observer in the process….. but I get to eat it.

    Looking forward to exchanging ideas, hints and whatever.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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