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    About me: 😯

    I’m a stay at home mother of a handicapped child. I used to be an EMT/Ambulance medic for a number of years so I was always a bit of a “prepper.” Of course, never before have I felt the need to prep this much! To store food, water and supplies. :huh:

    I’m a home schooling by default and finding out lots of info as well as other home schoolers online. I grew up on a small farm with chickens, horses and ducks but never really got into the farming thing. I’m now rediscovering some gardening. I’ve always been interested in cooking and backing but now I’m also reading up on canning and how long preserved food can last. 8)

    My husband is an avid hunter and was the driving force behind myself becoming a knowledgeable/responsible gun owner…something I never thought I would do 20 years ago. Back when I was nearly brainwashed by the media into thinking hunters were evil. LOL. :gunsmile:

    My hobbies include writing fiction, collecting antique books and researching everything I can. 🙂

    I no longer fear the media driven boggie men nor actually believe the so called news. As Mark twain once said: “If your don’t read the papers you are uniformed; if you do read the papers you are misinformed.” :smartass:

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