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    Hello,I live in Hiawatha,Ia, where we have yearly power outages and constant problems.I’m not a newbie to prepping and have over the years not only watched shows on survival but lived a life of prepping in emergencies. My biggest advantage is I have worked in small appliance repaire,tool repair,home/apt/hotel maintence so I’m well versed in structural and electrical knowledge. I do my best to make sure my wife and I are well prepared in storms to handle every problem that comes up.I’ve used electric battery running inverters with great success both in an auto and in our home. I mentally designed a perpetual electric sourse to supply constant power but don’t have the place or resourse to build it. I’m expanding on this idea as well. Anyone who wishes to contact me send email to (E-mail address edited out by forum moderator per forum rules. DO NOT post personal contact information on the open forum! Us the PM [private message] function.)

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