Hmmm…WHAT?!?..No front sight?

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    Looking for input and hands on opinions here…

    I’ve never looked forward to milling my slide for an optic and dealing with special holsters. While I can see the benefits of a raised optic for one hand racking it’s just not been something I’ve been willing to do thus far…

    Enter the metrolight FT Bullseye…

    Lots of Youtube reviews but I don’t trust those from the reviewers I’ve seen thus far. But heres one for reference from NRA.(seems unbiased but not determining) ..

    After years of training on front site acquisition it seem this is going to be a Mindf$#k to retrain myself to rear site target acquisition….What about dropping this weapon and picking up another without it and then back again? Accuracy is going to suffer, correct?

    I really like the non milled slide option and am seeing varying opinions from happy to great, but was wondering here what y’all might think.. At $200 just looking for more input before pulling the trigger….Anyone have hands on with it? Opinions?….Thanks!

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