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    So, let me be a help where I can for you…

    First off this advice will be free and I don’t want to do a loan for you. (I only handle CA, but the advice I can offer you is good Nationwide)…I really want this to just be free advice from a source that you can trust since there will be nothing in it for me as my way of contributing to you all here that have so willingly helped me so much.

    I have been doing a very high volume of loans for the last 8 years for one of the largest companies handling CA properties. I’ve been the Sr. LO leading the company for about the last 5 years.(normally in the top 3 every year if not #1)…I handle everything from beginning to end for the entire transaction. I’m not a “Phone Monkey” that you find at Quicken or Loan Depot….(I don’t like to talk negative about others but those 2 companies I see rip off people more than any others out there combined)

    I handle Purchases, refinance, Cash out, jumbo, Super conforming, regular conforming, FHA, VA, consolidation loans, HELOCS, silent 2nd’s, etc…… ALL types of residential real estate except manufactured homes.

    I understand thoroughly all things you need to watch out for in these transactions including, appraisal, income calculations(W2,Self-employment, partnerships, Pastor income, Corp., rental properties, retirement, etc. etc. etc…), Loan disclosures, underwriter decisions and calculations, Interest rate locks, federal guidelines, etc…..

    In 8 years of working at the same company I’ve never received a single complaint. There are hundreds of of 5 star reviews written about me personally.(Sorry, you’re just going to have to take my word for it for OPSEC purposes here…lol. :p )

    I AM SICK AND TIRED of seeing good people getting ripped off even when they think they have a good deal from a “family friend”, old loan company, big bank, or broker they trust or thought they could trust. Daily I get calls of someone double checking…In just the last 2 days I’ve helped a Vet save $16,000 in unnecessary fees at a lower rate in a VA Loan, and another gentlemen about 9K in a conventional Cash-Out Refinance…..BOTH WERE FROM “TRUSTED” SOURCES!!!!

    This stuff is personal by nature so I will not be asking personal info to help you out….

    ***If you ever go online to get rate quotes, for Gods sake, don’t give your social security # to anyone until they have been FULLY VETTED or put in a real phone # or you will be hassled NON-STOP by about 10 companies! Almost all of them trying to charge you way to much or not having 2 brain cells to rub together and causing your loan to fail after you’ve already paid for an appraisal, or getting bait-and-switched.(***Disclaimer…There ARE good people out there of course. They just tend to be far and few in-between.. Always check PERSONNAL REVIEWS, not just the company ones.)

    Anyways, This is my way to try and give back to you….Free advice and rate quotes from the cheapest wholesalers out there nationwide so if you do proceed with someone out there you will have both barrels loaded for battle.

    Any general questions should go here for all to see……and specific, private info will be best in PM unless you don’t mind public answers. I’ll be happy to run “What if?” scenarios for you as well…

    For any rate quotes you will need….
    current mortgage balance.(all loans, separately)
    estimated middle credit score.(Don’t run your credit)
    type of property?
    do you want any cash out?
    is there a 2nd mortgage of any type even if you are leaving it alone?
    taxes and insurance in an escrow account or no?(Impounds)
    Estimated value of property?
    primary residence, 2nd home, or rental?

    Again everyone, I do not want your loan….I want to just stop the madness of people getting lied to and ripped off even from so called “Friends”…It goes against everything I’ve worked for over 8 years having one of the highest repeat and referral percentages out there……. “I may not tell you what you want to hear like others do just to get you to move forward, but I will ALWAYS tell you the truth.” 😉

    Preppers got to help Preppers….This is what I can do in my area of expertise. Please be patience for a reply as any specific quotes I’ll be sending from in office…Answers I can handle anywhere.

    Best wishes to you and your families,

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