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    This is copied from “Our Everyday Life” blog, which got it from the “Henley’s Twentieth Century Formulas, Recipes, Processes” encyclopedia, by Norman W. Henley and others.

    Home-Made Refrigerators


    Partly fill with water a shallow granite-ware pan. Place it in an open, shady window where there is a good draught of air. In this put bottles of water, milk, and cream (sealed), wrapped with wet cloths reaching into the water. Put butter in an earthen dish deep enough to prevent water getting in. Over this turn an earthen flower-pot wrapped with a wet cloth reaching into the water. The pan should be fixed every morning and evening. With several of these pans one can keep house very comfortably without ice.


    Procure a wire meat-safeā€”that is, a box covered by wire netting on three sides, with a fly-proof door. On top place a deep pan filled with water. Take a piece of burlap the height of the pan and safe, and of sufficient length to reach around the entire safe. Tack it fast where the door opens and closes. Tuck the upper edge in the water. Place it where there is a draught and where the* dripping will do no damage. This constitutes a well-ventilated refrigerator that costs nothing but water to maintain.

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