Homesteading in Arizona

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    Greets all,

    Itsa wants to get some discussion going amongst the ‘Zonie Preppers, so here is a thread I would like to get going.

    My wife & I have had some serious discussion during our prepping about going off-grid for good. That way , when TSHTF, we won’t even notice. In all of of our prepping and homestead pre-planning we have decided to stay in Arizona. When considering what disasters could realistically befall someone, Arizona is least likely to be affected by hurricanes, tornatos, earthquakes, heavy flooding, or extreme cold. We really only have a few concerns here: Extreme heat, water availablity, and hostile foreign nation invasion. So keeping that in mind, we examined Arizona’s geography. We would want to be above 2500′ to avoid extreme heat but less than 5000′ to avoid cold. We would want to be within an hour’s drive to town. Not being paranoid, just realistic, we would not want to be any closer to the Mexican border than we are now (Phoenix metro area). So we are consdering getting 75-100 acres north of the White Mountains.

    On this amount of land we can build a totally off-grid home, barn and other outbuildings. We are already in the process of harvesting and storing rain water, storing grains and other dried foods, manually grinding wheat, etc. My wife has years of experience gardening and canning. I have a lot of experience in “cowboying”, having owned horses and assisted in cattle operations. So the homestead would include a large garden, horses, a mule, a milk cow or goats, and chickens. Depending on water tables, if a windmill powered well pump is feasible, we would summer-over a small herd of calves – keeping one in the fall for smoking and sausage-making. We both have commented numerous time we were born in the wrong time period! Our only concessions to the techno-world would be small-scale solar generation of electriity to power pumps to move water from the collector barrels up to a 500 gallon water tower, and provide yard lighting. We are still considering keeping a cell phone – but it depends on coverage area.

    I can keep y’all updated on our pre-planning and progress, but would really like to hear from others.



    Any updates?


    Sounds good, Dutch!

    We have 19 acres at about 4500 ft elevation. We are considerably closer to the border than you are (our county has a couple of Ports of Entry.) We are planning on taking our property off-grid…currently, our only utility is electricity; we are planning on putting the place on solar/wind power, starting with the well.

    Building projects around here never seem to end: So far, we’ve built a 2-stall stable; a cow/goat shed with a 2nd stall that we are using as a feed room; two side-by-side walk-in poultry coops, with 3 or 4 more still to build; a greenhouse, which got blown away by a microburst, then a replacement greenhouse. I’ve put in, then expanded a garden; then, put in a small orchard. We’re still working on clearing mesquite.

    We have horses, goats, a cow, chickens, turkeys and ducks.

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