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    @kathyngary wrote:

    when/if SHTF, I will not be doing any bartering. when people see or know you have items to barter, you WILL become a target for the “have-nots”. when a more civilized state appears, then and only then, will I be willing to start thinking about it.

    and then what will you have to trade with?

    I have things put aside for just this time. NOT directly after something happening.

    and anyone with common sense knows you don’t bring all you have to trade with. just one or two things at a time *shrugs*

    OT: I enjoy when folks don’t have anything to add to a thread but they post anyways and try to degrade the thread or the OP for thinking they way they do lol
    I see that a lot here. Doesn’t matter what you post about or start a thread about there are those who are “experts” in all things and YOU are wrong but they then make it seem that they are only trying to “help” the OP “see the light” . it makes me chuckle :p

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