Hot-pack canning frustrations

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    Still pressure canning sweet potatoes (SPs). Grrrrrr…….!

    I am having problems getting my canner filled. One problem is that I really need two large burners and I’ve got one big one and three small ones.

    I peel and chunk the SPs, then steam them in a 10-cup stainless steamer (10 cups if I fill the steamer basket right to the brim). For me, steaming gives the best-looking results: bright orange, no discoloration (except maybe at tuber ends).

    Then I fill 3 or 4 heated pint jars with the chunks and pour some hot syrup over them to the 1″ mark. Wipe the rims, apply the simmered lids and rings, set them in the warmed water in the canner.

    And then I have to do it all over again. And then, due to switching the containers around on the burners, I’ve managed to turn the heat off something, usually the syrup or lids are cold, so I have to reheat them before I can continue.

    If I really want to fill it with the usual 9 pints, I have to go through this process three times.

    Is this the way everyone does it?

    I’m thinking I could buy a larger steamer, but is that the solution? Am I missing something here? Am I doing it wrong, in the wrong sequence or something?

    Yes, I’m pretty new at this, but should it really take 4 hours from getting everything set up and started, to putting the lid on the canner with just 7 jars in it? I’ve read that people will double-stack their jars (presumably totaling 18) — HOW ON EARTH do they do it???

    I have one lousy day a week to do this, and can never get started early due to stupid things like having to take the dog to the vet because blood is running out her nose, and getting the serpentine belt in the truck replaced because it’s ready to break.

    And now the dog is spraying blood all over the kitchen…

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