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    A lot of you probably haven’t seen me in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m not around. I’m still busy keeping the lights on. Actually, a lot of life changing events and work have kept me from posting on the forum like I used to. But now that I have some free time, I’m doing some housekeeping to clean up the forum.

    Over the years, the forum has gotten too big with excessive sub-forums, old posts that haven’t been viewed in years, members that have come and gone etc… And all that extra data and extra sub-forums has bogged down the server a bit, so I’m cleaning things up before we move the forum to a different server.

    So here’s what I’m working on and hopefully will be completed within the coming weeks

    1. Pruning of members. I plan to prune members by deleting accounts that haven’t been active for at least one year. But before I do that, I will be sending out a mass PM and email to everyone on our list to have them all check in if they wish to keep their account active. I will also disable accounts of anyone who hasnt logged in for at least one month, after the email has been sent in and people have had adequate time to log in.

    This means if an account hasn’t been accessed in at least a year, and had very few posts, and they don’t log in after the email goes out, the account will be deleted. If they haven’t been active in at least one month but also less than a year and don’t check in, then their account will be only disabled but can be turned back on after they message me. This will remove any spambots that we might have.

    2. Pruning of sub-forums. I will be reducing the number of sub-forums we have by 50% by merging similar and unused sub-forums. The state sub-forums are being sized down from 8 to only 4 sub-forums. You might notice that the state “portals” no longer exist.

    3. Pruning of posts. I will be setting each sub-forum to automatically prune posts that haven’t been replied to in over 6 months, and posts that haven’t been viewed in over a year. That means if it’s a post that no one has seen in over a year, it will be permanently deleted. This should remove a lot junk that people aren’t reading.

    After all this has been done, I will see what I can do about upgrading the forum and making it more mobile friendly and inviting more people from our email list and social media to join, once all the upgrades have been made, and the dust settles, we’ll migrate the forum over to a new server. Hopefully everything goes smoothly in the transition.

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