How Are You Cooking YOUR Meals When TSHTF?

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    My wife and I live in the suburbs and we were thinking about alternative ways to cook in case the power went out for an extended amount of time. Our plans are to bug in and utilize our house if things get bad. We have an electric stove that we currently use and I’d say about 90% of our meals could be prepared using two burners from the stove. I’m not much of a grill person so we don’t have or plan on getting one. We were thinking about getting a two burner camping stove (one side is an actual burner and the other side is more of a griddle). This will allow us to do the meals that we normally use but also use the griddle for things like burgers, chicken, bacon, etc. What other alternatives do you think we could utilize at our house? Maybe get a whole house generator to keep our electricity going for the stove? I’d be concerned about stocking up on gasoline and the noise the generator making us a potential target.

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