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    A friend of mine from the SurvivalistBoards (turned out our two 16 y/o sons are in band together but we didn’t know it until our first meet & greet which was, I think 2 weeks before the first “official” Central Alabama Preparedness Group meet & greet in September)told me about APN.

    Besides my sister, everyone I’ve “personally” invited (if you count a post or PM on a website as “personal” lol) have been from APN, the SurvivalistBoards or the SAPP site, but I wouldn’t have known about it if not for someone I “met” at the SurvivalistBoards. I wouldn’t say that I was involved “statewide”, but have been able to get several contacts together from Mobile to north Alabama. Gary took the ball and ran with it after I met him and his wife in Clanton a month ago today I think.

    I think it takes getting out of our comfort zones and taking a chance to meet others. It isn’t all that hard once you decide to do it, just pick a public place, time and date and invite somebody. I’ve had several who have expressed an interest in meeting other preppers since September, some have made most meet ups, some have made some a couple one and, some none, YET. I haven’t given up hope that they eventually will make one. I knew going in that it isn’t possible to chose a date, time and place that’s good for everyone on the list and accept that as part of it.

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