How do battery banks work?

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    Okay I’ve been wondering this, if I get a ton of battery banks and put them all in a room in an underground bunker, I then power them all with solar panels, will I be able to just store the energy indefinitely? This may seem like a dumb question but I’m serious, I just saw a video on the Tesla Powerwall and I am just imagining a room full of Tesla Powerwalls powered by water wheel generators and solar panels. I guess my question is would this work? Bugging in a bunker with solar panels and battery banks and water wheels.

    Ronald Kovacs

    Battery banks store energy in the form of chemical energy and convert this chemical energy into electrical energy when discharged.

    What ever energy is removed from a battery must be replaced. If you are anticipating powering up normal electrical appliances, such as toaster, kettle, hot plate, electric fry pan, the battery bank must be sized to be able to supply this amount of energy. The method by which the batteries are recharged vary solar panels, wind turbine, water turbine, fossil fuel burning generator or by taking power from the electrical grid. Solar panels are the cheapest and easiest to install off grid power source, but only work during the day, provided weather and seasons are conducive to supplying the power you need. Each system has its draw backs, but do not fool yourself, if you want to be able to power up household appliances, then you will need a substantial system. Battery life is also dependent upon the number of charge/discharge cycles the batteries are subjected to as well as the depth of discharge or how much energy is taken out of the batteries before they are recharged. This applies to lead acid type batteries. They are not high tech like the Tesla system, but they are the most rugged and will stand up to abuse.

    It takes some planning, but it is not rocket science.

    Philip Bryan

    Power banks work by using sophisticated electronics to manage taking in charge from a charger, storing it in a battery and then charging other devices. Power banks are not just a simple battery: they use sophisticated electronic circuitry to manage being charged and then charging other devices.
    Electrician NJ

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