How many of you have thought about shoes?

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    This came to me the other day after getting a rock in my crocs oddly enough. Never thought about it but going barefoot in the mountains of VA in winter just isn’t an option. So what are you doing about shoes? I suppose one could start stockpiling about a half a dozen pairs for each person. But realistically having a kid that would get really expensive considering he already grows out of 1 to 2 pair a year. I have put some thought into trying to make a pair but I suspect that I’ll never be able to find anyone who still knows how to do the fine art of shoemaking. So what options does one have here?


    My children are little (toddlers) so we are in that stage of having to constantly get new shoes as they grow out of them so fast. When I catch shoes on sale, I try to stock up in the larger sizes for later. For instance, about a year ago I caught a sale at the local store that had name brand, well-made kids “sandals” for $4. I got one in each upcoming size. I keep a tupperware bin in my room just for clothes and shoes in when I find them on sale.

    Also, we always have a pair of rubber boots for each of the kids (yes even my 1.5 year old has his pair! HEHE). We buy them large so that they can wear them a while. But around our house they get LOTS of use. I definitely plan to hold on to those as they out grow them. Not sure where I’ll store them or how. But in a post-SHTF scenerio, I’m sure they would be very useful to any little ones around.

    For us adults, well I’m not a big shopper (at least not for clothes). I dress nice for work (work in an office) but I pretty much have one set of black heels and another set of brown heels and that’s about it. I have tennis shoes at home and some flip flops. But one thing I need to add to my preps soon is a good pair of hiking boots or some work boots. I have nothing that would hold up to long-term, strenuous use post-SHTF. That would be a weak spot in my preps.

    (side note: in the online resources for binders thread I started, I added links to a page that tells you how to make sandals out of tires. This would be a great “skill” post-SHTF).

    So, have you thought about shoes in your preps?


    I’ve looked through several related posts but didn’t see one right away that was on point here. For those of you who have kids, you know they are constantly growing out of their shoes. (Adults wear theirs out, but not every few months like kids do.) When preparing for a worst-case survival scenario in which commercial resupply of essential items like shoes is not possible for an extended period, what route do you take for kids footwear? (I know it goes for clothes in general, but sewing clothes is a lot easier than making shoes, so I chose not to address that here.) Do you stock up assorted sizes and hope they fit when they’re needed? What about snow boots? Kids can skip a size or more during the spring/summer/fall warm weather, so the boots you buy may not fit next time it snows. I suppose if you buy even or odd sizes and have sufficient extra socks you can put on an extra pair or two to make the next size larger shoes or boots fit.

    One thread discussed making tire tread sandals, which isn’t a bad contingency for warm weather or if you live in a temperate climate. Hand-made leather or canvas uppers sewn onto tire treads could work. Learning to repair shoes or make your own with lasts and cobbler’s tools might be a valuable skill. I knew a guy in high school who made his own shoes, and while not as fashion-forward as kids might want, they were durable and servicable. (Paint your own swoosh?) Left/right shoes weren’t common until after the civil war, so making a simple pattern wouldn’t be too tough.

    I’d like to hear from others who have thought through and addressed this. Barefoot is OK to an extent, but protected feet can prevent a lot of minor things that, if not addressed, can threaten your health, which is bad when SHTF.



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