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    One of the things preppers sometimes speculate on is the numerous possible scenarios which might bring about an SHTF situation. There are infinite possibilities. However, there are some general areas or groups of similar possibilities. Probably one of the more likely in this day and age is an economic collapse. Ok. So we all know that. But how will we know if that is happening? How do you spot an impending economic collapse? What are the signs? What do we look for?

    There are several possible signs which could announce a pending economic collapse but one we should all be familiar with is the term “bank holiday”. If you are not really sure what that is, there’s a great article for you today on Even if you are pretty sure you understand what a bank holiday is you might want to review the 20 points he lists which provide a good insight into exactly what is likely to happen and how it will effect all of us.

    But, most important of all are the recommendations at the bottom. There are specific things we should all consider doing to be ready in advance so we–unlike most of society–are ready to weather the economic storm. Please check this article out at:

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