how to choose where to go?

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    I am looking for a new location to live and I am curious how you have chosen or are choosing your spot to settle. Do you consider costs, job oppertunity, natural threaths? I find it so hard to decide to go to one part of the country (cheap and near the Belgian border) but prone to flooding or more towards the German border (way much expensive and difficult to find a spot but not a lot of hazzards).

    My ultimate goal is to go to France, more space and cheap: even a small farm of my own will be possible (over here only rented lots will be possible).
    so my plan is to rent for a couple of years, save all my money and buy something in France. Can’t go there now because of the kids (I can’t leave the country before my ex is agreed with that, and he will never be).

    Any suggestion, idea or advice is very much appreciated!

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