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    I was watching Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory the other day about HAARP or 2012 or something and my 12 year old daughter who is an absolute angel and pretty innocent (for now) asked me what it was all about. My wife looked at me, chuckled and said “Come on Dad, are you gonna explain this to your Daughter”. I couldn’t even begin to tell her the truth about the Government, NWO etc. I told her I would explain it all to her later. But why later, why wait until the public school system has filled her mind with a bunch of B.S. and then I have to reverse all that “learning”. Wouldn’t it be better to start explaining these things to her now so she grows up knowing the truth (I had to figure it all out later in life…after I left the military). Ssssoooo to all you parents out there, how do you explain things like our corrupt Govt, the NWO, and why we are starting to store up food, ammo and old clothes. It should be simple, but I’m afraid to overdo it.

    Any advice?-Bert 😕

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