How to grow wheat

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    I ran across these web pages doing research for something else. Instead of buying your wheat berries from the store, make your own!

    How to Plant Wheat

    Here I was thinking that you just carried the seed in your apron and scattered the seed as you walked along in your field, fighting off the birds. But no, you don’t.

    How to Make Flour

    To say this is basic is an understatement. (Buy the seed. Plant the seed. Harvest the wheat.) Basic is good.

    Planting Wheat in Your Own Back Yard

    This site (Bread Info) has a lot of interesting info (I’ll have to make the Whoat (wheat and oat) bread this weekend). In their section on “How to Make Flour”, it covers everything from planting the wheat, to threshing, to winnowing. According to this site, a 10ftX10ft area can grow enough wheat to make flour for 10 to 25 loaves.

    So scatter your wheat in the field, and may you reap thirty, or sixty, or one hundredfold!

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