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    By being a member of your states group, you will be able to keep in touch with your fellow state members much easier. Also you will have access to private areas (as they are created) that only members of your state group have access to.

    1) Log into the APN forum:

    2) In the upper left hand corner of the forum under the menu bar is a link that says “user control panel” click that.

    3) Then click the tab that says “usergroups“.

    4) You will now see a list of usergroups. On the “right “column you will see a select button for each usergroup. Select your states group. Then scroll to the bottom and click submit. This will now make you a member of your group.

    5) To get your states icon, you will see a button on the “left” side of your states usergroup. Click that button, then scroll to the bottom and click “change default group” This will enable fellow members to identify which state you are from.

    For a listing of all the state forums go here: viewforum.php?f=36

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