how to keep bread fresh?

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    I spent a few weeks in America, and then talked to the Americans …

    We have – different mentality, so maybe you do not understand me …

    Americans say:
    – Our bread is very soft and it does not get stale and does not rot for a week;
    – We love to bake their bread themselves, buy flour and cook

    But, nevertheless, I suggest you find out:
    – American bread is really very soft …
    even more…
    to get the consistency of “Russian bread from the American”, you have to squeeze the American grain 2 times …
    – The Americans produce bread from genetically modified corn .. Russian produce only their natural grain.
    Genetically modified corn banned in Russia!

    In this way…
    Bread in Russia hardens for 1 day.

    Now let’s see …

    The problem is this:

    1. Assume that you like “natural bread”
    2. Do you live far from the village and there is no store
    3. You – a lazy person and do not want to prepare their own bread, or do not like going to the store every day ….
    Do you like to eat fresh bread every day ….

    How to do it?

    1. You buy a lot of bread …
    2. Each roll, you must turn in a plastic bag … Always – sealed !!!!!!!
    3. Put all the bread in the freezer (not in the refrigerator ONLY in the freezer
    (By the way .. good to have 1 refrigerator and freezer 1, then the freezer will have a large volume, you can keep it not only bread but also mushrooms and berries that you have collected in the forest … They maintain physical consistency)

    4. Bread can be stored in the freezer for several months ..
    Then you do so:
    – In the evening to get a loaf of bread out of the freezer and leave on the table ..
    – The night she thawed
    – In the morning you eat fresh bread with butter and cheese, drink coffee or milk

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