How to Render Lard

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    How to Render Lard

    Fresh lard is obtained from the leaf fat from a freshly killed hog.
    After butchering and splitting the hog in half, remove the thin skin
    from the sides and slice the fat away from each set of ribs. Cut the
    fat into small pieces and wash them well. Drain the pieces and press
    out as much water as possiable. You will need a very large pot, at
    least 4 gallons in capacity, to cure the fat. Place 4 quarts of water
    in the pot, add the fat pieces, and cook at a rolling boil until the
    solid parts of the fat begins to crisp or turn brown. Lower the heat
    and continue to cook until the cracklings sink to the bottom of the pot.
    Strain out these cracklings and use them as flavorings. They’re great
    crumbled into sliced fried potatoes. Drain off the water, place lard
    into pans and refrigerate.


    I once spoke with a lady that told me she renders her lard
    in her kitchen oven. She sets her oven at 350 degrees and places her
    hog fat in a large roaster and pours the liquid off into her pans as
    the fat melts. She said to fill the roaster about half full and keep
    it covered with the lid. She checks it about every 15 minutes. She says
    all thats left is the cracklings. That would save a lot of fire tending
    and she says not to add water with this method of doing it.

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