How to sharpen a hatchet

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    How would I go about sharpening a hatchet?

    I’ve tried to find someone around here who could do it for me, and I keep getting the same, brain-dead response: “Waaalllllll… does it really need sharpening? They’re not supposed to be as sharp as a knife, you know”.

    And my response after the first time: “I GOT IT AT A YARD SALE IN 1979, AND IT WAS PRETTY DULL THEN. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT I CAN’T TELL THAT IT NEEDS SHARPENING, YOU *blankety* *blankety* *blankety* effing Washington moron?!!! :cursing: :gunshooting:

    And that pretty much kills the conversation.

    If my vise hadn’t continued traveling to Alaska in the moving van, could I use that and a file to do it? I doubt that anyone around here would have one of these

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