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    Hello Everyone!

    I am a Fitness Consultant and Apprentice Martial Arts Instructor. My SO and I have been half assed prepping for a while. We are most concerned with our own finances going down the toilet and a natural disaster.

    What we are doing currently:

    – I have my CCW
    – Have a large garden that we will be canning from
    – Have a bunch of supplies stashed but its poorly organized

    I am currently working on the following areas:

    – Learning to hunt, fish, camp
    – Working to store 6 months of “Fresh” food (normal groceries) and 6 months of 25-30 year dehydrated food
    – Getting a BOV
    – joining a local conservation (gun) club

    In the future I plan to do the following:

    – Take a Survival Instructor Course (when I learn any skill I also want to learn how to teach it)
    – Create a system of get home bags and some other stored items at several bug out locations (homes of friends and fam, and a couple of businesses)

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