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    Has anyone worked with the HSMM-MESH (Broadband Net) capabilities yet? Here’s what I know in a nutshell…. and that’s about all I know about it, a nutshell’s worth.

    Using typical Wireless Routers such as you have for your home PC network, operating in the 2.4Ghz band (channels 1 – 6 are within the Amateur Bands, regulated by Part 97), and after upgrading the firmware in the router, a wireless data network can be set up. The routers are the line of sight nodes, and with enough of them all operating using the firmware that is readily available, the wireless network takes shape. Routing, discovery, addressing and the such are all performed by the routers just as it is in typical wired networks.

    The reason I ask, is that using Amateur bands, and these readily available routers with their built in data stream security, and powered by our normal 12vdc emergency power…. a reliable data network can be put together that can stretch as far as the nodes exist and are able to make contact. Under Amateur rules (and I haven’t done ANYTHING in the gigahertz realm, so I’m not sure what is feasible up there) I’m assuming that better antennas and greater power would extend the reach of these consumer wireless routers.

    Info to be had at http://www.hsmm-mesh.org. I’ve got one of the useable wireless routers that is not being used in my PC network, so I’m going to set it up, and a coworker who turned me on to it is doing the same. We live about 10 miles from each other, but since this could be a totally portable data station, it appears that if we are line-of-sight, we could connect. Wish me luck….


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