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    okie B

    Today has been an interesting day. Hubby re-evaluated our dining room/kitchen to see what we could do about additional storage. He has been thinking about ways that we could re-organize the kitchen, plus he started measuring for additional cabinets to be bought. I thought he would play with it for a while and then let it go, but he actually found a cabinet he liked online, found a local store that carried it, went and got it, and he is finishing putting it together right now. We also talked about ways to reorganize the garage for additional storage out there of paper goods, gardening items, etc.

    He’s still more reserved than I am about stocking up, but he is getting on board. He even agreed to get some more socks, underwear and undershirts to set back since it looks like cotton prices are only going to keep going up. He rigged up a harness for our dollies on our citrus trees which makes it easier to get them in and out of the house, so we can get them out on the back porch on days when the temperature is warm enough and bring them in when it is cool. We reorganized the aerogardens so that the lights will also support some of our potted plants. I reorganized the bathroom cabinets which makes it easier to stock up bathroom supplies and water. We’ve also tried several new recipes this weekend, and we’ve been making an effort to cook completely from scratch instead of using pre-mades from the store.

    So we’ve gotten a lot done, and we’ve got plans in place for a whole lot more, but the most exciting aspect of it all is that he is – tentatively – starting to get prepping here. Yay!


    I made a break-through recently. I have long been enamored of the homestead movement and try to implement more suburban homestead practices annually. A few years ago, a series of catastrophic events like health issues, relationship break-ups, unemployment, retirement, surgeries, and vehicle accidents came together to lead my family to live under the same roof as my aging parents to share costs and care. They were VERY resistant to homesteading and later on prepping. Slowly, I have worked at it, starting with some guerrilla gardening in the easement and a corner of the small yard. The next year, I built more raised bed gardens, arguing that it was less work than cutting grass. I put in berries and apple trees last year, as well. I leave my magazines around the house where my father reads them. It is working. We started a rabbitry this year and I have him almost signed off on a chicken tractor. Slow and steady wins the race.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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