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    My name is Sunnie. Lived in Hughes Co. most of my life. New to prepping and survival skills. Planning a trip to the OKC LDS cannery soon to see what thats all about. Im not a mormon, but I have heard some pretty great stuff about the canneries, so I’m pretty excited about it. If anyone would like to come along it would be a great opportunity to meet some folks. Working on getting our bug out bags prepped and ready to go as well as food storage started. Its a bit overwhelming, but I’m determined to start slow and build instead of just not doing nothing. It just feels so vital. I have tons of questions and can use all the support anyone is willing to offer :).

    I have been an avid canner for a quite a few years, so thats one skill I have. I’m not real great at gardening, but looking to improve. I have been doing alot of research into beekeeping and hope to start my own hives soon. We have quite a few acres of land in my husbands family that I am looking forward to building on as soon as we are able. Since we live in a pretty rural community anyway that will be where we plan to retreat to if and when everything comes crashing down.

    Also, I have been looking for prepping mtgs around the area, but I can’t seem to find anything. If anyone has any info, I am super interested in getting to know some of the prepper’s around me. When you first start you kinda feel all alone, but I know that’s not the case.

    Can’t wait to hear from someone and wish you all the best in your efforts!

    Sunnie Bass

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