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    Hunting season is here: For me it starts OCT 1 and I have 3 months of fun.

    Bow, Rifle, Muzzle Loader and Bow again.

    Missed my opening day Oct. 1 had to much on my plate, priorities suck, I must be getting old.

    First day out is like the first day of school everything is layed out and ready to go.

    I leave the house and a 3 mile drive and I’m at my hunting spot..Point A to Point B 15 minutes. In the woods.
    I’ll be there wednesday morning do I sound excited I am.
    Deer or No Deer I’m there.

    Double check the gear tonight and I should be good.

    Think I’ll start the season out with the cross bow, I prefer the compound bow but I will be still hunting and can get a shot off better with the cross bow.

    Short little story::: Couple of years back out for an evening hunt didn’t see a thing get home, wife ask well did you see anything?
    We did– 8 point in the front yard. Thats how that Deer hunting works.

    Are all you hunters ready ???

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