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    I don’t have any insurance. I was on cobra but it ran out on Dec 31, 2009. i found an insurance company that would take me. I signed up for the $169.00/month plan. It is the 15oo plan. After reading the fine print, The plan does not pay for doctor visits. The plan has a co pay of $15 dollars for drugs and I can get all my drugs at krogers for $16.00/month. The plan is pretty much worthless. We must have talked for an hour about all the wonderful benefits. You are not going to have a good day when you piss tigger2 off.
    I am not done with this. Monday morning, i am going to my bank and block any withdrawals from this company. I am then going to report them to the better business bureau.
    Then I will report them to the georgia insurance commissioner. After that I am going to email the governor, senators and representatives. I tried to email them my response and the server was down. That is pretty handy. Monday morning, I will start. i might be out the $269.00 but that company is going to be out a whole hell of a lot more than $269.00 when I am through. I have been down this road before. When you file a complaint with the BBB, they either email you or call you. They decide if you have a case. If the decision is in your favor, they put a red flag on the company for 3 years. That hurts the company big time. And the insurance commissioner can shut them down. Lord, I don’t need to get this upset. My stupidity is the main reason.

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