I cant believe I even have to post this…This F*&K!^G WORLD

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    Not even barely an hour away from me….

    Insane! Not even top story on FOX…Instead the top story is about Dem infighting….WTF!


    I was just mentioning this in another thread that when the truck suicides start happening here that within a week it will be old news….

    We have a Special needs classroom shot up and it’s not even top billing??? Desensitization complete!!!!

    This is just 1 of 30 reasons I will not be public schooling my child…..not only do you have no control on what is being taught, but who teaches it and the personal choices in their outside lives that can effect your child’s life…. This is not the ladies fault but by association of her husband, 2 kids shot, 1 dead, and untold traumatized….



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