I could use some help picking a fish to raise

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    I plan to turn my old swimming pool into a aquaponic garden similar to the garden pool in Mesa Arizona next summer and I am trying to pick the best fish to raise. I think I want either bluegill or catfish because I’m in CT and the usual aquaponic fish (talipia) requires a warmer water than I can maintain. I plan on installing a wood stove but that isn’t going to keep the water very warm in the winter. I am asking the group here because I don’t know a lot about fish. I think the bluegill may have more vitamin D but the catfish may have more fat content. Maybe there is another good choice that I haven’t even thought of. I am going to have about 1000 gallons of water in the deep end after I drain the shallow end for plants and the stove. I have been thinking about putting an air stone in the pool and putting some bluegill in for this winter cause the price is cheap.

    If you have an in ground swimming pool that you don’t want to use for swimming any more then you have a good start on a sunken greenhouse which is easier to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer because it is sheltered by the earth. But if you have any drainage problems your dry pool could start to float out of the ground or crack and leak. I live on a hillside and have good drainage.

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