I found interesting facts about Tilapia and Chichilids

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    I never knew that Tilapia were also Chichilids! Dude, Chiclids are some of the most aggressive tropical fish in the WORLD. One million years ago, one species of Tilapia migrated into lake Malawi. This SINGLE species of Chichilid turned into over 500 in a space of 1 million years. That makes their evolution 8 times FASTER than the jump from ape to human. These 500 species of chichilid have developed a dangerous frienemy relationship with local cat fish. This competition FAST TRACKED their evolution. If you combined it with their tendency to brood their young, Chichilids are some of the most evolutionarily successful fish on the planet.

    And it is to this family that the noble Tilapia, aquaculture fish of prepper choice, belong.

    When I look at the wiki page for Tilapia, I understand now why preppers choose them, and its not JUST their reproductive rate. These fish are highly aggressive, low in mercury, eat mosquito larvae, and they have HIGH tolerances for invasive and adverse life forms in their environment and are a natural chemical free way of controlling certain invasive water plants like duckweed. So in southern parts of the US such as Arizona, tilapia are released into canal zones.

    This may, in the long run, actually be a bad environmental move. Tilapia are in the top 100 most aggressive invasive species known to man. If they find a way to take hold, they become extremely aggressive.

    All Chichilids are aggressive, and do not work well with other fish as they like to fight.

    Lets just say, thanks to science channel at eleven at night and science channel’s show mutant planet, i have a far better appreciation of these little suckers and their heritage now.

    PS: those of you in phoenix and mesa arizona owe part of your water purification system to tilapia.

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