I NEVER Fished Before. Tell Me How to Fish.

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    So … you want fish for dinner and you go to your local market or favorite seafood restaurant. SHTF and now you are stuck. No stores. No restaurants. Your cupboards are bare, but you have a lake, stream, river nearby. How do you get those fish? If you are like me … you’re stuck.

    Can we have some experienced fisherman give us fishing-newbies some help? What are the BASIC supplies that we should have in our prepping supplies?

    I have a question that came to mind. If you use a line w/out a ‘regular’ pole and don’t have a reel-rod how do you reel your fish in with out the line slicing your fingers/hand as you pull the fish in, if it tugs?

    I found this on the net to start with:

    Emergency Fishing Techniques: Fishing for Survival

    How to Fish-12 Steps

    How to Catch Fish Without Using a Rod

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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