I really have a problem about my chicken

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    I put 7 pints of chicken (raw chicken) in the pressure cooker, waited the 10 minutes for the venting and put the vent weight on and got it to the 10 I needed to cook at and it cooked about 15 minutes – and then without thinking I took the weight off thinking I had done it wrong and waited for the pressure to go to zero (even took it off the stove). When it got to zero I began the whole process over again with the venting for 10 minutes and then the weight on and cooked for the desired length of time. I don’t know if the jars have exploded or whatever, but I remember now that taking the weight off to soon does something to the pressure in the jars you are cooking. Is there any chance (if the jars and lids have not blown off when I open the cooker) that the chicken is useful or safe for anything?

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