I thought my husband was prep-minded!

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    I guess when it comes to the long-term, he is. However the short-term, everyday type stuff, not so much! Usually, he deals with the outside stuff. However with him working so far away, and the holidays happening over weekends this year, he won’t be home for a total of 3 weeks. So…. I have to do the outside stuff. So here’s what I have found.

    He has no solution for getting the coal from the bin to the house without it hitting the snow first. So I have to figure out a way to get the coal dried off before I put it in the stove. Right now I am still working from dry coal, but the wet coal doesn’t dry too fast!

    There is no gas on-premises, and the snow blower is empty. So i had to shovel snow to get the car out. Later today I will get gas for the snowblower just in case it snows again while he is away. Should I hide the gas and make him get some more when he comes home??? LOL

    The snow shovel was burried under all the summer lawn care stuff. So I had to unpile all of it to get to the shovel.

    I think next year, after it gets cold, I will survey everything to make sure there are solutions BEFORE the snow hits. Thankfully I am stocked up enough that I don’t really need to get out. Unfortunately, my mom isn’t and she needs meds. so off I go 🙂

    PS – any and all constructive solutions welcome!

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