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    What does our Motto Say?

    “Freedom Through Teaching Others Self-Reliance”

    I came up with that Motto for a reason. The reason is that Self-Reliance is the holly grail of survivalism and preparedness. If you are self-reliant, you are free. You can also find freedom by teaching it to others because the more people who learn to be self-reliant, the less people there are in society who will demand your support for their needs and their addictions.

    The opposite to self-reliance is dependency. Dependency can get you killed, or at a minimum devastate your life in virtually any situation if given enough time. Examples; dependency to drugs, alcohol, money, government assistance, mandates and legislated safety (meaning you need someone else to hold your hand and tell you how to be safe by mandate laws, and regulations)

    We have come to a point where people need government to show them how to be safe on even their everyday routines…where is there freedom in that? How far do we go, do we create padded safe rooms and lock everyone up so that no one ever gets hurt? What then is the point of life period?

    My padded room starts the minute that I’m “told” that I must wear a seat belt. I don’t want to live in a padded room, I want to look out after my own safety and security in my own ways. This is self-reliance.

    I want to be ready for when a disaster strikes so that I do not have to suffer without food and water. I do not want to live in the governments “padded room” at a FEMA shelter. I want to be ready so that not only do I live, I live free.

    I’ve seen people criticized for preparing for Global warming, or criticized for preparing for illegal aliens crossing the border…Guess what, I don’t care if you are preparing for aliens coming from mars, TEOAWKI, SHTF, Martial law or just something as simple as a job loss…Prepare! The net gain is pretty much the same for everyone.

    Now there are 2 political threads on this forum that turned into heated discussions.

    That should never have happened if people here would adhere to the philosophy of self-reliance.

    You do not need others, even political parties making your decisions for you.

    Yes Politics do play an important role in our survival…For the majority of the people in our nation, It is government that they are dependent on. Government for survival, government for food, government for money, government for safety, and on and on and on… It doesn’t matter who is in control, be it Liberal or Conservative. People have placed their reliance into the hands of the government rather than taking charge of their own lives and following the philosophy of self-reliance.

    Did you know that if everyone in this country were self-reliant that the government would be restored back to its proper place with very limited authority? It’s because this nation is full of bratty, whinny, gimme right now, crybabies that cant figure out how to take care of themselves that they demand their entitlements and demand that the government collect from YOU who are prepared and self-reliant. The ONLY way to defeat this is to keep teaching others to be self-reliant. That’s the only way to gain your freedoms back.

    As long as the majority of people in our country are dependent on taxes, made in china cheap crap products, wal-marts, banks, insurance companies, rules, regulations, oil, energy, money, you name it…we will never find freedom. Get the majority of people to become self-reliant and then you will see things begin to turn around….And that my friends is the greatest fear of the power hungry politicians in government.

    Tell me, what does “Freedom Through Teaching Others Self-Reliance” mean to you?

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