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    So down here in southwest Michigan yesterday they made it illegal to go anywhere because of the cold. If you were seen out it was a $500 fine. While I do understand why. As soon as I heard it I immediately got mad. Is that just the prepper in me? Instantly the concentration camps in hurricane Katrina come to mind. Now don’t get me wrong because I am not saying we have it nearly as bad as those folks did but at the same time I feel if I want to go somewhere and put my life at risk that’s my business. Well needless to say, I immediately got dressed and went to leave and learned my diesel had gelled up so I couldn’t lol. Maybe it saved me $500 anyways. Again people I do understand the reasoning for them doing that and I know people will go out and use the emergency peoples resources when they have to be rescued. But that does not change the fact that I didn’t like it one single bit. I needed to vent about this a little.

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