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    Hey, all. It’s been so long since I have been here, that I don’t even know if anyone will remember me. However, I am back. I took a “leave of absence” from prepping because I was actually on the other side of the coin. Not the all-out disaster scenario, however the bare-minimums, living off of what you stockpiled scenario. I learned a lot, and am thankful that we are back to putting our lives back together. Truthfully, I could have “stayed” on the board, as we did have intermittent internet service, however being here reminded me of all we had “lost” and the fact that I was no longer making strides toward being independent, but going in the other direction, day by day working more toward the opposite. But things thankfully never got that bad. And now I am back 🙂 So you get to see my smarky comments day in and day out, once again. 😀

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