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    Hi Guys, I’m back for the first time in over a year. So, why so long? Well, I had hip surgery (SI joint fusion) and it’s taken me a while to get back to full strength and back into my life. I gave up all my forums, even FB. 😯 I get the other side done this fall/winter. What’s new in catfeet land you ask? Well,…
    -Got chickens, dog ate chickens, built enclosure, got more chickens and turned the dog into animal control.
    -The garden this year isn’t doing as well as I’d like, though the root veg are surprisingly happy.
    -My peach tree fruited! It’s got so much fruit that I may have to sell some. (Peaches, in northern VT, who’d a thunk it?) It’s going to take me a serious week of canning to get thru all of them.
    -I’ve joined a gym and am going 3-5 times a week.
    -I got my water storage squared away and it’s now on racks.
    -One more room in my house has been remodeled (by yours truly) and the breeze that was always running thru the house is now gone.
    -Oldest son wants to join the navy, as, in his words “It’s a sound financial step mom” He’s 15, lol. They also are the only folks who have the training he wants – he’d like to go into computer cryptology. He’s taken active steps to do this, the first of which was to join the cross country team at school. It makes me proud to see him taking on this responsibility.
    -There will be very few tomatoes this year. :'( It’s been too wet and cold for them. It makes me sad because we’re OUT of salsa and nearly out of crushed tomatoes…I’ll have to buy some. GACK!

    There’s a lot more, but these are my highlights, lol.

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